Fashion PR Pitching Tips with Glamour Magazine with Editor Wendy Naugle


I talked to Wendy Naugle of Glamour Magazine about the health and beauty audience, how she researches stories, and how she prefers to receive pitches from fashion PR firms.

Wendy Naugle is a health deputy editor at Glamour magazine. Before joining Glamour, Wendy was the health editor at Ladies' Home Journal. Wendy also worked at Family Life and American Baby.  

Fashion PR Pitching Tips

4:49 – Wendy Naugle on how tech-savvy the fashion, health, and beauty world is:  “Our readers are…on the internet, looking at blogs, and are part of that entire [tech savvy] culture.”

5:28 – Naugle on how she uses the internet to cover the news.

6:12 – Naugle talks about the email newswires she receives.

6:52 – Naugle on how many PR firms she receives pitches from daily and what makes a great pitch.

7:51 – Naugle on how she sorts through PR pitches: “I do rely on skimming, so that's why it's great if it [the pitch] can be concise and to the point.”

8:42 – Naugle on prioritizing her emails.

9:19 – Naugle on the importance of having a clear subject headline. 

10:05 – Naugle discusses the personality of Glamour amongst its competition. What makes a great story in Glamour: “We cover the reader's entire world, from politics and news to beauty tips and fashion advice to health bulletins, and more.”

11:49 – Naugle talks about covering body acceptance and dieting stories.

13:51 – Naugle discusses Glamour?s role in helping women maintain a healthy lifestyle:  “We know women don't get this information [on various health issues] from their doctors…we are a place that's a great medical authority for them.”

15:14 – Naugle discusses Glamour's online audience and how readers use the Glamour website.

16:42 – Naugle on how many people use the health tools available on Glamour's website. 

17:04 – Naugle talks about how readers find Glamour online.

17:49 – Naugle discusses the trend of using celebrities on the cover of magazines.

18:16 – Naugle offers her definition of fashion today.

19:34 – End.

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