Forrester Analyst and Groundswell Co-author Josh Bernoff


Forrester Research Vice President & Principal Analyst and Co-author of Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies Josh Bernoff about the impact of digital media on marketing and public relations.

Show Notes:

1:16 – Digital Impact Conference in NYC, June 9-10

4:11 – Bernoff defines a Groundswell.

7:04 – Bernoff reveals how social technologies challenge institutional power.

9:05 – Bernoff categorizes social media participants.

10:53 – Bernoff defines the acronym P.O.S.T., and how it is spliced into an ideal marketing strategy.

12:21 – Bernoff on the Social Technographics Profile.

13:25 – Bernoff shares the mistake most organizations make participating in groundswells.

15:23 – Bernoff’s biggest surprise from evaluating social media research data.

17:30 – Bernoff on how corporate culture affects a company’s adoption of social media.

23:20 – Bernoff on achieving social media objectives and effectively measuring awareness and ROI.

26:01 – Bernoff on whether or not organizations should create a forum for dissent on their company website.

29:19 – End

Photo by Bernard Goldbach.

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