Public Affairs in the White House with Communications Director Karen Hughes


In this exclusive interview, US President George W. Bush’s director of communications Karen Hughes speaks candidly about handling strategic communications messaging for POTUS, promoting American values during a war and the challenges of publicizing unpopular US foreign policies abroad.

Her objective was to lead the development and implementation of a comprehensive public diplomacy plan.  Previously, Hughes was the director of communications while George Bush was governor of Texas.  Later she was counselor to president George W. Bush. 

Karen Hughes and Eric Schwartzman

Hughes moved back to Texas for two years before rejoining the Bush Administration to serve as a campaign consultant.

This podcast was recorded at the PRSA International Conference in Philadelphia, the week before Ms. Hughes resigned from the position of undersecretary. 

Show Notes:

3:58 – Hughes on the challenges of promoting American values abroad at this time of war.

5:48 – Hughes discusses communicating unpopular US policies that are unlikely to change.

8:40 – Hughes on the single most important part of a strategic messaging campaign.

10:33 – Hughes on the real value of research to political campaigns. 12:06 – Hughes contemplates the internet’s role on the upcoming 2008 Presidential Election.

13:46 – Hughes on the opportunity new media presents corporate communications and public relations professionals.

14:23 – Hughes on her future political aspirations.

15:13 – End

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