Digital Marketing Advice to PR Firms from Forbes CEO James Spanfeller


James Spanfeller, President & Chief Executive Officer of, a leading media Internet company, and as Executive Vice President of Electronic Publishing for Forbes, publisher of Forbes, the nation’s leading business magazine talks about the future of digital marketing.

Advice to PR Firm Highlights

05:00 – Spanfeller describes his role at and his history in print magazines and online media.

06:10 – Spanfeller answers, “Is print advertising worth more than online advertising?”

07:17 – Spanfeller elaborates on how advertisers can use digital marketing to reach a highly targeted audience.

08:30 – The advantages of tracking and measuring digital media vs. mainstream media.

08:52 – How online advertising is becoming integrated into digital marketing by public relations firms.

10:30 – Spanfeller shares his opinion on the future of the thirty-second spot.

11:42 – The launch of the Video Network.

14:37 – Spanfeller explains how the internet gives users control of the media they access.

15:08 –’s partnership with Facebook.

16:25 – Spanfeller’s advice to corporations seeking to manage their online reputations.

20:10 – The creation of the Forbes’ Corporate Organizational Chart Wiki.

23:30 – Spanfeller’s best advice for marketing and PR firms looking to integrate digital media marketing into their public relations campaigns.

25.13 – End.

By Paul Sableman – Forbes Magazine, CC BY 2.0,

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