Entertainment PR Legend Julian Myers on Repping Marilyn Monroe


Julian Myers shares entertainment public relations consulting lessons learned, managing client expectations, and how a PR firm pitches story ideas to reporters.  

The owner of Julian Myers Public Relations, he has worked in public relations for 67 years. Myers is in his 33rd year of teaching “Entertainment Public Relations” at UCLA Extension and his 16th year at Loyola Marymount.

The entertainment public relations consultant also helped originate the USC Cinema and Television Society. Myers has served on the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Public Relations Coordinating Committee for about 25 years and helped put on the Oscars, working on the red carpet and with media backstage, for 30 years.


05:41 – Julian Myers reveals what parts of his life have kept him going in public relations consulting for so long and what his future goals are.

07:57 – Myers describes how people can help further the cause of AmigoDay.

09:24 – Myers talks about his future and the future of entertainment PR consulting and his most significant problems.

11:21 – Myers discusses some of the most humorous experiences he has had in public relations consulting.

14:56 – Myers relates the first time he met Marilyn Monroe, the origins of her name, and who helped guide her career.

16:40 – Myers gives his opinion on paparazzi and how important he believes they are to public relations consultants.

18:23 – Myers reveals why celebrity scandals are more prevalent today than in years past.

20:00 – Myers on handling dealing with a celebrity or client with unreasonable expectations and the shortcomings of PR consultants who promise unrealistic results.

22:46 – Myers explains why he disagrees with the notion that a public relations firm should never be the story, and should be behind the scenes.

25:07 – Myer talks about the excellent relationships he has had with his celebrity clients as a public relations consultant over the years.  

28:07 – Myers talks about how lucky he feels.

29:12 – End.

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