Ruder Finn Chief Emmanuel Tchividjian on Social Media in Public Relations Ethics

social media ethics training

Former ethics officer at Ruder Finn, Emmanuel Tchividjian discusses ethical dilemmas public relations. This was recorded before people started thinking about social media ethics training, which is a more common topic today.

Emmanuel Tchividjian has served as the ethics officer at Ruder Finn for a number of years and is also in charge of the new Ruder Finn Ethic Consulting practice.

Show Notes:  

3:37 – Tchividjian on what he plans to discuss at the upcoming PRSA International Conference.  

4:30 – Tchividjian describes his role at Ruder Finn.  

5:33 – Tchividjian on the common ethical issues he deals with.

6:05 – Tchividjian gives an example of an ethical issue that he has to make with a client.

8:29 – Tchividjian describes how he battles the perception of PR when dealing with major corporations.

13:25 – Tchividjian on social media policies for employees in large corporations. 

17:00 – Tchividjian gives a recommendation to Henry Paulson on the ethics of the current economic crisis.

17:30 – Tchividjian gives an ethical solution to remedy the errors made during the economic crisis.

18:38 – Tchividjian on who should be compensated for the economic crisis.

20:12 – Tchividjian on whether tax payers are owed something for the bailout.

21:17 – Tchividjian on the biggest ethical lapse in judgment he’s ever made.

23:07 – End

Photos by Justin Baeder and PRSA

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