Pitching Trade News to PR Week


Editor of PR Week, Keith O’Brien talks about covering the PR industry and how to get your trade news featured.  

Keith O’Brien is editor-in-chief of PR Week, and is responsible for the strategic editorial direction of the title, including the print, website, PR, conference and events.  

Show Notes:

5:08 – O’Brien discusses the elements of the media’s frustration with PR professionals  

7:32 – O’Brien gives advice to the PR industry on how to manage its own reputation

9:10 – O’Brien on what case the PR industry needs to make to their clients and boss

10:08 – O’Brien on today’s primary revenue drivers for the PR industry business

13:29 – O’Brien on ineffective push distribution and that’s effect on media relations

18:49 – O’Brien on whether push PR is part of the industries problem

21:55 – O’Brien on the FCC’s effect on newswires

25:00 – O’Brien on the push towards social media

27:33 – O’Brien on which presidential candidate is running a better PR campaign

30:43 – End

Photo by Josh Hallett

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