Sending Press Releases Out with PR Newswire Chief David Armon


Using press release services to get company news picked up by the media is among the most misunderstood public relations tactics.

In this exclusive interview, PR Newswire COO David Armon explains how paid newswire work, what they can and can’t do and when you should and shouldn’t use them.

David Armon is a former wire reporter and public relations executive who now leads PR Newswire’s global sales, marketing and distribution operations throughout 41 bureaus in 14 countries.

If you’re at a startup and you’re looking to leverage earned media to help get investors, check out my Start Up’s Guide to PR before you invest in sending a press release out over a newswire.

PRNewswire was acquired by Cision.

Show Notes:

5:46 – Armon on PR Newswire before the birth of the internet.

7:03 – Armon reveals the difference between the types of wires in the world and their meanings.

7:57 – Armon on the different channels of distribution on PR Newswire.

12:25 – Armon on what channels of information on PR Newswire are most popular.

14:14 – Armon on the way press releases are re-posted on other websites.

15:40 – Armon on how to best take advantage of the free distribution to online trade publications.

18:32 – Armon on hyperlinks in press releases and whether other sites are removing the links.

21:16 – Armon on the FCC’s ruling to include news on a company’s website.

26:00 – Armon on why people go to a public relations firm. 27:55 – Armon on how PR as an industry is reinventing itself against clicks rather than clips.

33:00 – Armon speaks on a study they did about media pick-ups for press releases online.

36:25 – Armon on skepticism regarding PR Newswire’s recent study on press releases.

39:51 – End

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