Managing Public Relations at Cisco with Maureen Kasper


Cisco Systems Senior Director of Corporate Communications Maureen Kasper discusses social media management best practices, digital organizational communications and the collapsing walls between internal and external communications.

Show notes:

0:28 – Intro

4:25 – Kasper on how social media impacts her job responsibilities.

6:35 – Kasper discusses her biggest challenge to getting Cisco’s internal team to adopt new media and social media tools and technologies.

9:34 – Kasper reveals two big opportunities that social media gives internal communicators.

13:59 – Kasper shares Cisco’s objectives when using social media.

15:14 – Kasper on Cisco helps its employees blog responsibly.

16:46 – Kasper‘s biggest surprise about how organizations are using social media.

18:50 – Kasper on the separation between internal and external communications.

20:58 – End

Photo by Leonardo Rizzi

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