Social Media Management at Cisco with Jeanette Gibson


Jeanette Gibson, Social Media & Digital Marketing Executive, goes on the record to discuss Cisco's online newsroom, internet first and social media management strategies.

Photo by JD Lasica


05:19 – Jeanette Gibson details the creation and evolution of Cisco's new media team and how they have adapted and continue to adapt to the new media explosion.

06:39 – Gibson divulges how Cisco's entrepreneurial culture has allowed the new media team to shake their initial reputation as a renegade faction and the effects of that culture shift on the way the company's internal communication is conducted today.

09:04 – Gibson lists the benefits of online news rooms and explains how Cisco's online news room has helped Cisco become a world class organization.

10:52 – Gibson explains why social media can't be ignored and how the new media team at Cisco determines the most appropriate vehicle for delivering information.

12:42 – Gibson discloses why it is imperative that PR personnel, rather than web technicians, direct social media content.

14:11 – Gibson reveals why Cisco's news room is the second most visited page at

15:59 – Gibson describes the objectives of Cisco's news room and explains why the site promotes return business.

17:04 – Gibson divulges the new media team's official three-pronged marketing strategy for Cisco's online news room.

19:18 – Gibson reveals why podcast subscriptions and blog readership is up.

20:37 – Gibson explains how the company tracks their relative success and how they have made more user friendly.

23:59 – Gibson discusses why a website should be an experience.

25:12 – Gibson describes the methodology that has allowed the new media team to remain small and nimble.

26:18 – Gibson gives her expert opinion on why every company should incorporate new media into their traditional PR campaigns.

27:47 – Gibson offers advice to companies who wish to expand into new media.

28:57 – Gibson talks about the culture shift that is occurring regarding the nature of media, and what she looks forward to in the future.

31:04 – End.

Photo by Taylor McKnight

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