Pitching Company News to Business Journalists with Jon Fine


BusinessWeek media business columnist and contrarian Jon Fine on the state and future of the news gathering business, social media and productive relationships with public relations representatives.  

3:10 – Fine on the PR/reporter relationship.

5:17 – Fine on the digital distribution of the news.

7:26 – Fine describes his BusinessWeek column “Media Centric.”

8:26 – Fine’s policy on embargoes.

12:40 – Fine on whether or not newspapers will survive.

15:30 – Fine on whether or not video on demand poses a challenge to cable and broadcasting.

26:23 – Fine on corporate adoption of new media.

28:40 – Fine on the appeal of social networks.

30:15 – Fine shares his opinion on the credibility of mainstream media blogs.

33:28 – End  

Note:  There is some drop out that occurs during the interview which omits a word or two here and there. You’ll hear it when you listen.  We think it was a RAM problem that we’ve corrected for future podcasts.

Photo by Samson on Unsplash

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