Burson-Marsteller PR Firm Founder Harold Burson on Importance of PR Consulting Experience

Harold Burson
Harold Burson

Burson-Marsteller PR Firm Founder Harold Burson – who passed away on Jan. 10, 2020, at the age of 98 – talks about public relations firm management and shares advice to PR job seekers.

Harold handled crisis communications for the infamous Tylenol-tampering case and a devastating gas leak in India.

He was the founding chairman of PR consultancy Burson-Marsteller, called “the century's most influential PR figure” in a survey conducted by PRWeek.

The architect of the largest public relations agency in the world, Burson has contributed to the public relations industry and worldwide community as a member and leader of several organizations, among them Presidential appointee to the Fine Arts Commission, Chairman of the National Council on Economic Education, and Chairman of the USIA Public Relations Advisory Committee.

Burson has received numerous honors and awards, including The Public Relations Society of America Gold Anvil Award and the Arthur W. Page Society Hall of Fame Award.

He was named Public Relations Professional of the Year by Public Relations News in 1997 and 1989.


5:37 – Harold Burson on defining public relations: “…I think one of the problems today is the broad umbrella of public relations is being equated with marketing publicity…”

6:45 – Burson shares his thoughts on blogging and what he has learned from starting his blog.

7:56 – Burson offers advice to university students entering the public relations workforce.

8:58 – Burson on whether a new employee entering a PR firm needs to be tech savvy.

10:33 – Burson talks about the shift in the balance of power in PR consulting.

12:02 – Burson on how a PR consultant should manage client expectations: “The best client relationships and most effective client relationships are when the two parties to the agreement or to the project are working in tandem and you can't tell at the end who really…deserves the credit.”

13:26 – Burson on whether client expectations are more or less realistic today.

14:56 – Burson talks about how to respond to a client that is not satisfied until he or she receives coverage in The Wall Street Journal.

16:39 – Burson on whether a relationship with a client is more important than the results delivered for the client.

18:18 – Burson on the struggle of the mainstream media business: “…people no longer depend on a newspaper for breaking news.”

20:04 – Burson discusses whether blogs, podcasts, and social media are effective corporate communications channels.

21:20 – Burson responds to a question on whether more public relations consultants will embrace the internet to communicate directly with constituents: “I see public relations consultants taking advantage of every opportunity there is…to disseminate information for their client.”

23:00 – Burson talks about transparency in PR and bringing the Tylenol tampering scandal to 60 Minutes. “…It was a story that we felt had to be told to the American people…”

24:41 – Burson on what his strategy would be for a PR firm if he were starting over today.

28:11 – End

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