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Social Media Management with Phil Gomes and Steve Rubel

Phil Gomes and Brian Solis at a conference I chaired in Los Angeles.
Phil Gomes and Brian Solis at a conference I chaired in Los Angeles.

This is an oldie but goodie.

It’s a conversations I had with Phil Gomes and Steve Rubel from Edelman about the benefits and drawbacks of blogging, how online communication is changed PR and social media management best practices.

Phil Gomes is considered to be the first PR blogger.  In addition to working at Edelman, he is a graduate student at USC, as well as a senior advisor to the Society for New Communications Research.  

Steve Rubel is a senior marketing strategist and one of the most influential bloggers in the world, according to Technorati.  Rubel is charged with helping the Edelman team win new word-of-mouth marketing business as well as developing and executing client programs.


6:43 – Phil Gomes talks about how he became the first PR blogger. 

9:41 – Gomes discusses the software he uses to blog and how the software influenced him to begin blogging. 

11:32 – Gomes talks about how blogging has affected his career. 

15:39 – Gomes discusses his clients’ views on blogging and using other sources of social media. 

17:50 – Gomes talks about blogger Jeff Jarvis and his influence on the blogosphere. 

20:46 – Gomes on working at Edelman and using online communications in public relations: “…the online program needs to…melt into…the overall communications strategy.” 

22:26 – Gomes discusses businesses using blogs: “…there are certain things for which I think a blog is great…but I don’t think it’s for everybody…” 

24:15 – Gomes talks about how PR is changing as a result of new media. 

25:31 – Gomes talks about press releases and traditional forms of media:  “…people are realizing that traditional media relations techniques and PR techniques are an awfully blunt instrument.” 

28:29 – Gomes on corporations embracing blogging. 

33:13 – Gomes explains what tagging is and his views on tagging. 

35:00 – Gomes talks about what he perceives to be the basis for successful marketing. 

38:39 – Gomes on being persuasive online. 

42:27 – Gomes discusses the decision to launch the Edelman earShot podcast. 

44:45 – Gomes talks about the process of creating the podcasts. 

48:11 – Gomes discusses the goals of earShot:  “…I want it to be a really good platform for talking about communications…” 

53:02 – Steve Rubel discusses his future position at Edelman as a Senior Vice President and his goals. 

54:00 – Rubel on other PR agencies following Edelman’s path. 

55:19 – Rubel talks about the different methods of releasing news and word of mouth marketing.

58:00 – End.

Photo by Brian Solis www.briansolis.com

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