Up Close with PR Blogger Steve Rubel


This is an early discussion with Steve Rubel, a blogging pioneer at a midsize Public Relations Agency, and social media management, social media monitoring, SEO and more.


04:45 Steve Rubel talks about how he first heard about blogging.

05:49 Marketing blogs start to take off.

08:17 Rubel talks about experimenting with Typepad, launching his first few client blogs and Micro Persuasion

09:24  How he pitches blogging initiatives to new clients

11:42 Rubel talks about being a popular PR blogger

13:15 Rubel talks about the main reason his Micro Persuasion blog took off

14:05  How Rubel defines his success as a blogger

14:36  How he finds scoops for his blog

15:45  How he uses incoming referral links to find scoops

16:30  Rubel shares tips on finding scoops to blog about through tagging

18:55  Rubel talks about how blogging has changed his life

20:56  Rubel on how he was able to gain visibility by interviewing other high profile bloggers

22:28  Rubel talks about the four secrets to building a high profile online presence through blogging

25:57  Rubel on why he’s excited about the opportunities blogging affords organizations

29:31  Rubel on how he evaluates incoming pitches and decides what the blog about

31:42  Rubel on the risks of transparency to organizations that blog

34:35  Rubel on pricing blog initiatives and integrated retainers

40:18  Rubel on the returns blogging delivers to dedicated bloggers

43:16  Rubel on vlogging

44:34  The potential impact of blogging and RSS on terrestrial broadcasters

49:24 Rubel on why blogging is not a threat the public relations agencies and how to integrate blogs into the marketing communications effort

51:09 END

Photo by Nikos Anagnostou

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