Social Media Management Best Practices with Mike Manuel


This is an exclusive interview with Content Marketing Lead, Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) at Facebook Mike Manuel recored at the PRSA International Conference about managing digital public relations campaigns and social media management best practices.

Show Notes:

4:45 – Mike Manuel discusses the presentation he delivered with Patrick Seybold and Jeff Rubenstein of Sony Computer Entertainment, which covered the now fabled “All I Want for Christmas is a PSP” astroturfing fiasco.

7:15 — Mike Manuel discusses the fallout and what happened behind the scenes when the fake blog developed by the branding team and Zipatoni was outed on

8:23 — Mike Manuel on Sony Computer Entertainment's crisis response plan.

10:51 — Eric Schwartzman shares a sinister tactical response plan suggested by an attendee at a recent Social Media Boot Camp.

12:38 — Mike Manuel on dealing with negative comments on company blogs.

13:41 — Mike Manuel on feeding back valuable research from company blogs back to HR, sales and product marketing.

15:10 — Mike Manuel on Sony Playstation Facebook PR strategy.

16:11 — Mike Manuel on the unique challenges of creating social media communications campaigns for gamers.

17:35 — Mike Manuel on the basics of content marketing for community engagement.

18:27 — Mike Manuel on estimating resources required to launch and maintain a successful corporate blog.

19:22 — Mike Manuel on identifying and allocating staff for social media engagement initiatives.

19:53 — Mike Manuel on the “messy middle” of social media marketing.

21:03 — Mike Manuel on the public relations industry's readiness for online engagement programs.

23:01 — Mike Manuel on innovation, open source software and homegrown content management systems.

24:19 — Mike Manuel on Google's Open Social.

25:35 — End

Photo by Josh Halett.

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