Media Relations and User Generated Content with J.D. Lasica


This is a talk I had in the early days of digital with J.D. Lasica about working in the mainstream media, citizen journalism and the impact of social media on traditional journalism.

J.D. Lasica is co-founder and executive director of Ourmedia, a nonprofit global repository and community space for grassroots video, audio, photos and text.

His book about the media revolution — “Darknet: Hollywood’s War Against the Digital Generation” — is the result of years of reporting and research. J.D writes about citizen media and digital rights.

In a previous life, he was an entertainment editor at the Sacramento Bee. He is a senior fellow of the Society for New Communications Research. J.D., thanks for joining us.


3:15 – J.D. Lasica talks about his work as a journalist in the mainstream media: “…my managing editor actually issued an edict at one point saying ‘any story containing the word the web has to be officially approved by me.’”

4:15 – Lasica on what he covered as a journalist.

4:40 – Lasica on leaving his job as a journalist and working for Microsoft.

5:14 – Lasica talks about Our Media: “…its been a wild success…”

7:17 – Lasica on how to determine what media content is valuable.

9:19 – Lasica on “remix culture.”

11:58 – Lasica talks about open source software.

13:12 – Lasica discusses the “Mashup Camp” conference and explains what mashups are.

14:20 – Lasica talks about RSS feeds.

15:20 – Lasica discusses the notion of objectivity in journalism.

16:58 – Lasica on working at a newspaper and in a newsroom: “…very seldom do they [those in charge of a newspaper] just let you run with a new idea…I think that’s become a real problem…”

18:35 – Lasica discusses citizen journalism and citizen media.

20:49 – Lasica explains what the terms “populist” and “citizens” mean in a political context.

22:55 – End

Photo by Geoff Livingston

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