Startups Guide to PR with Francios Gossieaux

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This is a conversation I had with Francois Gossieaux, who was president of the world’s first blog media startup, at the New Communications Forum in Palo Alto, California.

We spoke about his company Corante and he offered advice to public relations professionals on how to assimilate digital communications into their campaigns.

Francois Gossieaux serves as President of Corante, the world’s first blog media company, which currently attracts tens of millions of page views a month and ranks among the top most linked to sites on the web.

Prior to Corante Francois was involved in a variety of technology companies and really understands how to do PR for start-ups.

He has a long history with online media, has used blogs for grassroots political and environmental activities.

I just released a 2020 Startup’s Guide to PR is you want to learn from my 25 years of experience living through the digital revolution.


3:54 – Francios Gossieaux discusses Corante and how the site was able to get recognized by Google News: “…as there is more and more information overload and less and less attention…people are going to increasingly subscribe to people as opposed to content, and that’s what Corante is known for…”

6:12 – Gossieaux talks about how he is able to get authors to participate: “ …I would say that 95 percent our contributors…are interested in becoming part of an authoritative voice, a group voice, and then accessing audiences that are larger than what they can access themselves…”

8:14 – Gossieaux discusses the advertising on his site and the focus of Corante.

9:32 – Gossieaux on how he was able to get Corante’s feed into LexisNexis.

11:22 – Gossieaux on Corante’s work with the IT Services Marketing Association.

12:58 – Gossieaux discusses syndicating Corante’s blogs and editorial feeds on Google News.

14:40 – Gossieaux talks about Google’s business model and Corante’s goals: “…we have two assests. We have our readers and we have our contributors…if we can optimize a product that will work for our readers than we can optimize the value that our contributors derive from working with our readers…we as the facilitator of that will benefit.”

15:53 – Gossieaux explains what the product BlogBridge is.

18:00 – Gossieaux offers his recommendations for marketing professionals: “…marketing shouldn’t be an organization, marketing should be the way a company behaves in the marketplace.”

22:16 – Gossieaux discusses his views about companies using metrics to evaluate marketing success.

24:35 – Gossieaux talks about the reaction to recent religious cartoons mocking the Muslim Prophet and what marketing professionals may learn from this example of “the power of self-organization.”

26:46 – Gossieaux prides Visa on building itself in a “totally self-organized way…and on a common belief…[that goes] way beyond were going to make money for our investors…”

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