How Public Relations Firms and Digital Marketing Agencies are Adapting to Digital with Dave Friedman

Dave Friedman on how PR firms, digital marketing agencies, and journalists are adapting to the rise of digital media.

Dave Friedman has helped clients leverage technology and marketing to build stronger relationships with buyers throughout his career.

His background combines the disciplines of consulting and marketing to create deep insight into the behavior of the digital consumer.

Friedman received a BA from Cornell University and an MBA from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business.

Digital PR Practice Insights

05:49 – Friedman describes the digital marketing, advertising, and social media management services he provides and says whether or not his company is a threat to traditional media.

09:37 – The popularity of digital marketing and how it affects market research.

11:10 – Revolutionizing online engagement through digital-first communications strategies.

13:15 – Friedman on peer-to-peer technology and the importance of participating in trending digital conversations online.

15:13 – His strategy for building an online client base and the two most important things to remember when engaging clients in digital spaces.

19:47 – Weighing the pros and cons of SEO versus social engagement. Exploring the social media ethics.

23:54 – The shift in vision surrounding online marketing communications and the importance of planning.

26:58 – Friedman offers his thoughts on the journalist’s fate and how we can help these professionals move into the 21st century.

28:33 – The symbiotic relationship between physical product and online experience and how big corporations like AT&T are redefining themselves in the digital arena through brand activation and engagement..

35:45 – End.

Photo by Diggity Marketing on Unsplash

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