Public Relations Impact of Social Media Ethics with Dov Seidman


What is the public relations impact of social media ethics on reputation management? And is how you do business more important than the business you do? This is the topic of this exclusive interview with Dov Seidman.

Dov Seidman is the author of the new book “How,” which explains why “how” we do anything means everything in business.

He created his highly successful company, LRN, from the living room of his apartment, which has now grown to include some high-profile clientele such as Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Trump Enterprises, and more than 250 others.

LRN’s objective is to help companies share their corporate cultures and build strong, principled, successful organizations in the marketplace.

Seidman is very busy giving presentations about the importance of being profitable and principled to The National Press Club, the Outstanding Directors Exchange, the Defense Industry Initiative’s Best Practice Forum, the Council of State Governments, and the Corporate Board Member Magazine Boardroom Summit.

Seidman’s view on business behavior has also been quoted in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Forbes, CNBC, ABC’s Good Morning America, and BBC News. Seidman obtained a philosophy degree from UCLA, a politics and economics degree at Oxford, and studied law at Harvard Law School.


06:40- The world has changed from an outdoing/outperforming oriented society to a how we do what we do matters the most society.

07:29- “We no longer live in a glass house but on glass microscope slides.”

08:53- Seidman explains how reputations are no longer controlled but uncontrolled in this hyper-connected, transparent world.

11:11- Seidman discusses that we have to find new ways to relate to customers and clients in this connected world.

15:37- Seidman explains that innovation in “how” is a way to differentiate from others, allowing you to connect with your customers on a deeper level.

17:44- Instead of thinking of what we can and cannot do in a “how” world, we think of what we should and should not do.

20:45- Seidman describes the benefits of out-behaving versus out-performing.

23:42- Seidman reveals that in this connected world, you cannot manage your reputation. You just earn it.

26:20- Seidman shares his reasoning and thoughts behind his new book.

28:09- Seidman describes how fostering a new corporate culture leads to success.

30:20- Seidman elaborates on how creating a deeper connection with your customer through inspiration and motivation is beneficial to your business.

32:25- Seidman explains how principle and profit reinforce each other.

36:19- End

By LRN, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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