Social Media Public Relations Training in Singapore


This is an excerpt from a Social Media Training Workshop I led at the Strategic Media Relations Conference & Workshop in Singapore.

This particular audio recording is about podcasting. The session was attended by government officials of Singapore, non-profit organizations, academic institutions and other influentials in the region.

SchI talked about  podcasts of Disneyland, Ecast, JupiterResearch, IBM, Simon & Schuster and the LA Opera, amongst others, and reveals their strategies, objectives, drawbacks and the tactics they utilize to attract listeners and establish a loyal audience base.  


05:28 – Companies that utilize podcasts to fulfill their marketing and communications goals.

06:27 – IBM’s podcasting efforts.

08:46 – Guest interviewees on Simon & Schuster’s podcast, SimonSays.

09:57 – Why Virgin Atlantic’s podcast was subject to so much criticism.

10:41 – How Purina builds a loyal audience base for their podcast.

11:08 – The challenges TV Guide’s podcast will have to overcome.

11:38 – Whirlpool podcast and the direction it took.

12:41 – The secret behind the success of Disneyland’s podcast.

16:20 – The effectiveness of the LA Opera’s Behind the Curtain podcast, which I created, in fulfilling the Opera’s PR and marketing goals.

22:50 – SEcast’s podcast and the company’s objectives and success using the podcast.

29:45 – How Trend Micro used their podcast to reach a niche audience and humanize their brand.

32:32 – Associated Production Music’s Film & TV Music Podcast, which I created, and the direction the podcast has taken.

38:17 – Schwartzman on the importance of having a podcast host with a likable personality.

39:22 – How to generate community involvement with a podcast.

39:59 – Importance of psychographics as opposed to demographics for the subscribers of a podcast.

41:54 – Rising importance of electronic media for print publications.

43:19 – How to select subject matter for a podcast and the development and creative process for making a podcast.

47:20 – End.

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