New York Times Media Business Columnist David Carr on the Rise of Social Media


This is a very, exclusive deep dive interview with New York Times Media Business Columnist David Carr. 

Carr wrote The Media Equation column for the Monday Business section of the NYT that focuses on media issues including print, digital, film, radio and television.

He also worked as a general assignment reporter in the Culture section of NYT covering all aspects of popular culture.

Show notes:

6:59 – Intro to Carr's keynote speech at the Digital Impact Conference.

8:31 – Carr on the ever-changing advancements in media.

11:01 – Carr relates his 9/11 experience to the paradigm shift in mass media.

13:44 – Carr on the impact of electronic clutter.

13:21 – Carr on the best way to pitch him a story.

17:17 – Carr shares his amazement with Wikipedia.

17: 53 – Carr on the new push vs. pull media world.

19:02 – Carr reveals the importance of “the list.”

20:38 – Carr on the mainstream media change in matrices.

23:11 – Carr on the strategies Dell Inc. took to gain a favorable shift in the blogosphere.

27:10 – Carr on the significance of search engine optimization.

31:56 – Carr on his opinion of podcasts.

32:52 – Carr on which e-mail account he personally uses and strongly recommends.

36:00 – Carr on why the small fries need attention, too.

42:55 – Carr on the time commitment that comes with starting a blog.

52:18 – Carr on the practices some PR professionals exercise that will no longer work.

55:51 – Carr on the types of videos that are best for publication Web sites.

1:00:25 – Carr on why conversation–rather than content–is king.

1:02:17 – Carr on what Clay Shirky, author of Here Comes Everybody, means by “narcissism doesn’t know any special demographic.”

1:12:00 – End

Photo by Steve Hall

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