California Copyright Commission Panel


This is an audio transcript of a panel on podcasting host by teh California Copyright Commission featuring:

  • Antony Bruno of Billboard Magazine
  • Bob Lefsetz of the Lefsetz Letter
  • Attorney Kevin Koloff
  • Attorney Josh Wattles

7:34 All about Podcasts:; Podcast Expo; The CCC Board of Directors member Kevin Koloff is moderator for discussion; introduces Antony Bruno; Josh Wattles, former acting general counsel of Paramount Pictures and past president of LA Copyright Society; Bob Lefsetz

12:34: Bruno kicks off discussion about podcasts; Apple’s dominance in podcasting; who is podcasting; who is listening?

20:00: Making money off podcasting; Josh says “Apparently Not.”; example.

26:27: Music in podcasts; American Society of Composer, Authors and Publishers; placing songs in podcasts, what are the issues for copyrights; how to get clearance for songs; costs; steps for quoting songs in your podcasts; issues involving licensing music for podcasts.

39:16: Any business models for podcasts; finding podcasts; the threat to music publishers and record labels; music industry’s involvement in podcasts;

47:20: Questions from the audience: What is a feasible unitary licensing format for podcasting that wouldn’t put copyrighting business out of business; How are publishers being fairly compensated How do you accommodate or account for the international nature of podcasting; Fees to musicians, instrumentalists, engineers and others; anyone else in the world licensing;

68:39: Commission meeting wraps up.

Photo by Umberto on Unsplash

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