Edelman CEO Richard Edelman on Reputation Management


Richard Edelman discusses what the results of the 2010 Edelman Trust Barometer mean for B2B focused organizations. 

This interview was conducted as part of the research for an upcoming book about the B2B applications of social media that I am writing with Paul Gillin, which will be published by Wiley later this year.

02:14 – Richard Edelman on how broadly B2B marketers should be looking to engage stakeholders, who the most credible spokespeople and the new keys to corporate reputation.

03:02 – Disappearance of the boundary between brands and corporate reputations.

03:39 – Richard mentions how Edelman client ITT Corporation’s Watermark marketing program is focused on a mosaic of stakeholders including state and local agencies, politicians, NGOs and end customers.

04:12 – Why B2B communications is no longer a “solitary soldier.”

05:11 – Richard Edelman on how B2B focused organizations should go about selecting social media channels to engage through by focusing on issues that have a social impact, remaining conscious of government’s increasing role in regulation and finding ways for your expert employees to be heard.

06:31 – Richard explains why trust in financial analysts remains high, despite the fact that they failed to accurately predict one of the most precarious financial situations in US history.

07:26 – Richard Edelman and Eric discuss Ken Auletta’s new book “Googled,” the importance of trust and the lesson for B2B marketers from the 2010 Trust Barometer.

08:32 – The importance of tracking more than just a company’s financial data in the age of transparency.

09:10 – Employees as the new credible source versus the CEO.

09:47 – How realistic is it that businesses really will start putting purpose before profits?

Richard uses Edelman client GE Ecoimagination as an example on an organization that is putting sustainability at the center of its product offering. 

Here are the results of the 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer.

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