Facebook Page Marketing and Facebook Advertising Explained


What makes social media marketing so elusive for old school marketers is scalability. 

An individual’s social network is tiny compared conventional, mainstream media audiences.

The prospect of going head to head with a million audiences of 12 seems impossible.   

In this special episode, recorded at Le Web in Paris:

  • Facebook account executive Xavier Leclerc explains how Facebook Pages are being used by brands to get fans to recommend their products and service to their Facebook friends, and there’s nothing more trusted than the advice of a friend.  
  • La Coste’s 3.8 million Facebook friends have 112 friends collectively and they’re combining Facebook Page publishing with Facebook Ads to continue to expand their social graph.
  • Find out how they’re doing it, Facebook’s future plans for FBML, best practices for Facebook Page Marketing, best practices for Facebook Ads, Facebook’s own scaling challenges and the tangible business benefits of marketing with Facebook Pages. 

Photo by Will Francis on Unsplash 

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