Marketing Flight of the Conchords on the Web with Dave Fletcher


Marketing Flight of the Conchords online, a new user management platform for the social web and how to build the right website for any organization with Dave Fletcher, founder and executive creative director, The Mechanism a multi-disciplinary design agency with offices in New York, London and Durban, South Africa.

He presented a session titled “Compelling Social Media Strategies: Soaring With ‘Flight of the Conchords’” at the PRSA International Conference in DC.


01:15 — Flight of the Conchords website design and development process, managing the band’s online reputation and trying to maintain a direct connection with their fans while HBO was marketing their reality-based television show online as well.    

02:24 — Rationale for gathering all your various social media marketing efforts together in one easy-to-access place.  

03:17 — Janrain user management platform for the social web, which is used by the Lady Gaga website to allow fans to sign in.  Accordingly to Janrain, the platform double the registration rate of the Lady Gaga website.  The Janrain platform also capture and stores registration data locally, so marketers are not reliant on Facebook for access their customer data.    

06:20 — How to pick a content management system based on specific requirements.  

08:11 — What makes a great interface and tailoring the design to the needs of your particular users.  What does your audience need and how can you give it to them in as few clicks as possible?  

09:57 — The level of ease that users have come to expect from websites, whether Facebook has set the bar for ease-of-use and what the growth of social networking sites means for corporate web design.  

12:29 — Dangers associated with relying too heavily on any one social network like Facebook or Twitter for PR, marketing or corporate communications.  

14:18 — Dangers of relying on social networks as mobile devices, ipads and apps take off.   1

4:52 — Steve Rubel’s comment on For Immediate Release Live #18 about approaching social media communications with a homeland/embassy strategy, whereas the homeland is the organization’s destination site and the embassies are its profiles on social networking sites.  

17:58 — has built a website that’s a single bit of CSS which is meant to work well on computers, mobile devices and ipad. The goal in the web design community is to develop ways to design single sites that operate effectively on different devices.   1

9:52 — Tools that help us focus our attention or “apps”, as opposed to tools that help us hunt and peck, are driving the future of online communications.  Wired’s proclamation “The Web is Dead.”  

22:23 — A bad customer experience in the mid-90s with AT&T that has kept Eric from giving them a nickle ever since, Apple’s anti-competitive business practices and the iPhone vs. Driod platform development strategies.  

24:11 — Risks of managing an unregulated platform that is truly open, from poor coding to malware, and Apple’s decision not to use Flash on ipad, because of concerns that poorly designed Flash files that crash a device reflect badly on the device developers, rather than the Flash programmer, who in fact IS responsible for the failure.  

27:05 — AT&T’s network can’t live up to the iPhone’s network demands, and other wireless carriers may soon encounter their own performance issues as smart phones become more popular and available on their networks.  

29:03 — End  

Photo by Renee Barrera

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