Le Web Survival Guide


Each December, roughly 2,500 technology executives and digital marketing agencies convene in Paris for Le Web, a two-day conference where start-ups pitch venture capitalists and emerging technology companies demo their wares.  

Founded by Loic Le Meur and his wife Geraldine, Le Web has grown in popularity over the years and has come to be know as one of the European technology conferences to be and be seen at.

I’m going as an official conference podcaster and continuing on to Frankfurt the following week to teach a US-German Social Media Boot Camp which will be a two-day social media training on the 14th and 15th of December 2010 with DDP Direct (acquired by MyNewsDesk).  

I have wanted to attend Le Web for a couple of years now, so I was excited when Andrea Vascellari (@vascellari), the CEO of itive.net, suggested to the conference organizers that I be invited as an official conference podcaster and the dates dovetailed nicely with my upcoming Frankfurt gig so I’m going.

In this Le Web Preview Podcast, Andrea and I are joined by two other Official Le Web conference bloggers: Tara Hunt (@missrogue) and Algerian blogger Ismail Chaib.  

Before we discuss the agenda and survival tips for getting the most out of the conference, we talk about Facebook Messaging, the impact of globalization and technology on the economy and the world outside the tech bubble.

At the conference, I’ll talk to other Le Web Conference bloggers, including Henriette Weber, Nebojsa Radovic, and Erno Hannink. 

Photo by Chris Heuer.

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