Inside The SAP Global Brand Advocacy Program


In this episode of For Immediate Release B2B, Paul Gillin and Eric Schwartzman interview SAP Head of Social Business Sarah Goodall and discuss the risks of relying on social networks to deliver news in a democracy, Sprinklr's Get Satisfaction acquisition, Meerkat and Periscope.

Fair use is an essential tool for journalists, enabling them to draw upon copyrighted material in the name of the public’s right to know. But who decides what constitutes fair use in a medium that spans the globe?

It turns out that many platform providers are designating themselves as judge, jury and executioner. If you’ve ever had a video removed from YouTube because it included a clip from a popular song, you’ll be interested in how the story plays out.

Facebook’s plan to host content from major media outlets may bring the issue of content ownership to the fore.

Sprinklr is acquiring Get Satisfaction, demonstrating how important customer reviews have become to both social media listening and promotion. Get Satisfaction has signed up a blue-chip base of customers that use its embedded review service not only to gather feedback but to drive sales from peer recommendations. Interestingly, companies that host reviews on their own commerce sites tend to generate better feedback than those that don’t.

Have you tried Meerkat or Periscope yet? Many marketers are beginning to tinker with the new tools of live streaming, and we expect to soon see an explosion of innovative content as a result. Here’s a tutorial to get you started.

Special Guest: Sarah Goodall, Head of Social Business, EMEA, SAP

Employee brand advocacy programs are difficult enough to implement when your people all speak the same language and live in the same country, but what do you do when you program spans dozens of borders, languages and cultures? That’s the task that special guest Sarah Goodall of SAP tackles in her role as Head of Social Business for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Sarah’s experience will be of interest to any communications professional who works with a multicultural audience. You’ll be particularly interested to hear her observations on the characteristics of specific cultures, from the outgoing social networkers in Italy to the intensely private Scandinavians.

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