Entertainment PR Briefing with Stan Rosenfield


Entertainment public relations is a highly competitive industry. 

In this interview with entertainment PR powerhouse Stan Rosenfield who represents Robert De Niro, George Clooney, Danny DeVito and many others, you learn what it takes to make it as a personal publicist in the entertainment business and how to snag an entertainment PR internship. 

In addition to serving as president of Stan Rosenfield & Associates, a Los Angeles entertainment public relations firm, he teaches Strategies for Representing Talent in Agency Public Relations at UCLA Extension and is a frequent guest lecturer on Entertainment Public Relations at UCLA, USC and Loyola.


02:11 — Entertainment public relations professionals who represent creative talent need to know these three things to be successful.

04:15 — “A” list talent belongs on the cover of the magazine. “B” list talent gets featured in articles inside the magazine.  If you’re an “A” lister and you go inside the magazine, you’ve done damage to yourself.

04:52 — How social media has changed the entertainment PR business. Some celebrities have over a million followers. 

06:25 — To keep up with where the entertainment PR Business is headed, you need to keep up with technology.

07:34 — The importance of understanding mainstream news media and social media. 09:12 — Entertainment PR Internships, and what it takes to snag one.

11:39 — Paying your dues by serving as an assistant at an entertainment PR firm and tips for successful interviewing.

13:24 — The famed Warren Cowan, and what made him such a great entertainment publicist.

17:04 — Pitching the media for celebrity clients, issues oriented PR and introductions on talk shows.

18:58 — Entertainment PR internships at Stan Rosenfield and how to be considered.

20:24 — Where the entertainment PR business is headed.

21:44 — End

Photo by Ahmet Yalçınkaya on Unsplash

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