Influencer Marketing with Mike Prasad

Mike Prasad is the founder of TinySponsor, an influencer marketing platform that connects marketers with influencers who can help brands scale their content marketing efforts, as well as Marketing Club on Clubhouse, a top 10 club globally and the biggest industry club on the platform with 270,000 members. Every Monday at 12pm PT Marketing Club hosts roundtable discussions on the latest marketing trends, case studies, and insights.

Mike also serves as a digital marketing consultant advising brands, startups, agencies, and creators. In this episode of the Earned Media Podcast we discuss online influencer marketing campaigns, sustainable digital business strategy, and the Clubhouse app.

In this episode:

05:13 What is influencer marketing?

06:25 How collaborating with an influencer works.

07:52 How does TinySponsor work?

09:42 How pricing works on TinySponsor.

11:04 Making a living as a content creator.

14:02 How brands can incorporate online influencer marketing in their growth marketing strategy.

16:28 The best formats for driving traffic.

18:01 How can small businesses create successful influencer marketing campaigns?

20:38 How the pandemic changed consumer behavior, and how small businesses should adapt.

21:59 Having a digital storefront versus a physical storefront.

23:40 Do people prefer touchless transactions?

25:16 How can small businesses that want customers to buy from them directly compete against tech giants?

29:01 How a brand can build a loyal audience beyond social media.

30:28 How do influencers generate income?

31:28 The consequences of burning your audience.

32:09 Which brands are spending heavily on online influencer advertising?

32:55 Is consistency important when working with online influencers?

33:41 What do successful small businesses that make use of online technology well do differently from small businesses that struggle to compete online?

36:11 How does Clubhouse work?

39:49 Is Clubhouse’s growth slowing down?

41:41 Is Mike Prasad earning revenue from Clubhouse?

43:24 Is Mike Prasad part of the Clubhouse creator program?

44:37 Will Twitter Spaces be a threat to Clubhouse?

46:33 How to get in touch with Mike Prasad. 


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