Facebooking Event Marketing Aloha Style with Paul Klink


If you’re interested in learning how you can use Facebook to market local events, this podcast episode is for you. 

We cover event marketing on Facebook fan pages vs. event marketing through personal Facebook profiles. 

We also talk about what should be included in a Facebook event marketing status update, how frequently you should post and what might happen if you post too often.  

My guest is Paul Klink, an Oahu-based Philanthropy, Business and Marketing Consultant who has built multiple, successful communities on Facebook, many of which are maxed-out at the 5,000 Facebook “friend” limit. 

I am a friend of his Aloha lifestyle profile.   Paul received the Lieutenant Governor’s Award for being as one of Hawaii's 100 High-Tech Executives. 

As one of his many Facebook friends, I can say that his newsfeed reflects what I consider to be the Aloha lifestyle. 

He joined me in the hospitality suite at the Hale Koa Hotel & Resort on Waikiki Beach in Hawaii for this discussion about Facebook event marketing.   


00:58 – Paul defines the concept of “Living the Aloha,” shares advice with listeners about living the Aloha online and why attractions works better than promotion when it comes to Facebook status updates.  

02:55 – Tips for effective Facebook event marketing, Facebook invitation posting frequency, the importance of keeping it simple, good Facebook event marketing language and what links to include in a Facebook event invite.  

05:19 – How to market local events on Facebook.  

06:12 – Ethical issues surrounding the practice of sock puppeting multiple Facebook profile pages.  

07:42 – Facebook marketing challenges of Chris Pirillo and Paul Klink.  Personal Facebook profile pages versus Facebook fan pages.  Engagement levels and shortcomings of Facebook fan pages.  

09:40 – Having conversations with Facebook fan page profiles versus Facebook personal profiles, and effective, appropriate uses of both.  

10:47 – Dealing with spoofed Facebook fan pages.  

11:40 — End  

Photo by Mike Baker on Unsplash