Enterprise Social Compliance Best Practices


Most people think social media policies are just for regulated industries.

It is true that regulated industries have more rules to comply with. But social media compliance is everybody’s business.  

Whether you’re business is regulated or not, there are dozens of federal and state regulations and local ordinances that dictate how you can and can’t use social media lawfully for business.  

In this podcast, Chris Kieff (@ckieff), Director of Sales Support and Operations, Sprinklr and Eric Schwartzman (@ericschwartzman) reveal strategies for building trust and verifying compliance.

Up to now, that strategy for winning social media compliance at most companies has been to issue a social media policy.   But no one reads your social media policy. They sign for it, and put in the bottom drawer.  

Despite the fact that 80% of employers have social media policies, 70% have disciplined employees for social media misuse, research shows.   We'll also walk through the major US rules and regs that impact how organizations can and can’t use social media lawfully in the workplace.     Enterprise Social Compliance Topics Covered:

  • Trust gap between leadership and regular employees
  • Optimizing the impact of official voices on unofficial voices
  • Creating a workplace environment where employees are trusted
  • What GM did wrong when they tried to rebuild trust with social
  • Inspiring employees to serve as goodwill ambassadors
  • Managing the risks associated with employee advocacy programs
  • Why social media policies don’t prevent employee misuse
  • Unmanaged risks around encouraging employees to use social media
  • Teaching employees about the risks of noncompliant social media use
  • Fines and penalties of noncompliant social media use
  • NLRB and how employers can police social media use at work
  • Computer Fraud and Abuse Act
  • Communications Decency Act
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act
  • FTC Disclosure Guidelines
  • FDA, HIPAA, FINRA and FFEIC Guidelines
  • And much, much more

Photo by Mark Duffel on Unsplash