Up Close with David Pogue of New York Times


00:32: Eric Schwartzman intros NY Times technology columnist David Pogue plays a snippet of David’s thoughts about the amazing benefits of the podcast; Eric explains “On the Record…Online,” talks about his PR firm, what he does, and what OTRO’s objective is.

5:44: All About Pogue: David discusses how he got into covering personal technology, starting with music software; discusses how long he has been at the NY Times; the beginning of Pogue’s Posts as part of the NYT digital makeover in 2004; description of the blog—“all technology-related thoughts and observations”; objective of the blog; changing the headline-writing, wordplay or puns to be searchable better online; David reveals that he and other NYT writers don’t write the headlines.

9:42: The Editorial Process for Pogue’s Posts; the role of the web editor; deciding what goes into a print column and what is better for the blog; deciding what to do a video about versus a blog post; buffering problems and other video problems; David announces Nov. 15th the entire NYT video operation will be turned over to professional video serving company, the Feed Room.

16:40: The Editorial Process for Pogue’s video posts; how David makes these videos—the unintentional comedy of it all.

20:20: David’s ultimate view of podcasting; sets the record straight on his video cast “making fun” of podcasting; how to listen to David’s video posts; what David thinks of the future of podcasting—“no drawbacks…no commercials, no paying”; hoping someone doesn’t monetize it and “mess it up”; repurposing audio and video programming and abandoning terrestrial broadcasts; videocasting; ABC/ Disney and Apple; grassroots opportunities for videocasting.

29:00: How David decides what makes news besides the obvious; “Is it cool?”; Eric wants to know what is “cool?”; the design is essential and most often results in a high price; who David looks to for information—Engadget, Gizmodo, MacWorld, PC World, Pitch letters from companies.

36:56: David responds to Gawker post about how the headline of his review of the new BlackBerry, which appeared online as “David Pogue: Corporate Tool, Yes, but Bright and Handy.”

38:40: “On the Record…Online” concludes.

DISCLAIMER: Due to an unfortunate technical glitch and insufficient bandwidth, the following edition of “On the Record…Online” has a bit of a lag time between questions and answers. Also, some questions sound like they are being asked in the middle of answers. I apologize for the inconvenience. Thanks to David for letting us know.

Photo by Ed Schipul

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