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If you’re at a content agency in the world of digital marketing, lead generation, or social media, or you’re simply a content creator wishing to increase your visibility and performance, chances are you’re constantly looking for new ways to improve your SEO. 

While there’s no shortage of websites, tools, and courses designed for this purpose, few (if any) have proven quite as powerful and efficient as INK. This new content marketing optimization tool not only has come to stay but promises to set a new standard in the field. 

Edgy Labs CEO Michael Umansky

We spoke to Michael Umansky, CEO of INK, who was kind enough to share lots of info about the app’s creation, principles, and technology, and how it can help content creators boost their results with a very convenient interface and lots of innovative, AI-powered features.

INK is driven by a vision of a world where storytellers control their destinies. While it works beautifully for anyone wishing to streamline their content creation process, it’s particularly useful for those writers without an SEO background.  But even if you are an SEO consultant, INK makes your life easier.

It’s currently offered as a Desktop app, though you can also find it as a WordPress plugin, and Mr. Umansky told us that their idea is to put it in any CMS out there eventually.

When asked if content optimization is meant for Google or for readers, he assuredly remarked that optimizing for Google IS optimizing for readers, by producing more readable, engaging copy, which ultimately results in more traffic.

INK for ALL Demo by Michael Umansky

The app has a clean, distraction-free interface, and there’s no question that its most significant selling point is the INK SEO Score, a big, fat number that quantifies the readability and SEO potential of your text. Users have to load their documents, and the app’s AI analyzes it and generates the score. 

If your current score is too low, INK will assign you a number of tasks that will help you to vastly improve it. There are currently three types of these (Relevant Topics, Word Tasks, and Document Tasks), and each time you complete one, your SEO score rises.

For instance, if the top performers for your topic have an average number of 1,000 words, you’ll need to make your text longer or shorter in order to meet that. 

INK also tells you if your text has complex or very difficult-to-read phrases, increasing your score each time you eliminate one of them. Of course, it’ll also help you to find the best keywords for your topic, as well as their optimal density.

According to Umansky, content with a score of 90 or more gets huge traffic increases in a very short time. INK’s own website, had an increase from just 400 users in May to their current 100,000 unique monthly users. Best of all, you can use it without paying a dime. 

Although some functions (such as the Relevant Topics Tasks) are reserved for PRO subscribers, the basic version will still do wonders for your content. INK is good, free, and has a low learning curve – you can hardly get a better deal than that. 

I spoke with INK CTO Alex de Ridder about starting the SEO process off strategically with topic clusters and keyword maps, and that episode is available as well.

If you want to try it, download the Desktop app from their site, and if you don’t want to stray too far from the WordPress environment, there’s a plugin you can use in conjunction with the app (the plugin by itself has limited functionalities for the time being).

If INK’s present growth continues, they could soon be the go to tools for B2B marketing agencies.

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