How to Make a Facebook Posts Go Viral


The best shares aren’t random.  There is a method behind the madness.  

Prior to their acquisition by, I spoke to Buddy Media director of communications Joe Ciarallo (@joeciarallo) about why some Facebook wall posts get likes and comments, while others get none?  

When is the best time to post on social media, how often should you post and are there certain words that generate a higher response rate?  

What’s the science of procuring engagement on the world’s largest social network?  

In this exclusive interview with Joe, we explore what makes a great Facebook wall post. 

Listen to this podcast with Buddy Media director of communications Joe Ciarallo (@joeciarallo) and find out how to create effective Facebook wall posts based on a research study his company did on the shares of 200 name brands over a 2-week period.

Joe also talks about how to optimize your status updates for Facebook’s Edgerank so fans see it their newsfeed.   Topics discussed:

  • Optimum Facebook post character length
  • Benefits and drawbacks of URL shorteners and the problem with long URLs
  • Words that appeared most in top “liked” and “commented” shares
  • Which words appeared most frequently in ineffective engagement in Facebook
  • The impact of “likes”, “comments”, affinity and time on Facebook Edgerankings
  • Why NOT to ask “why” in your Facebook wall posts
  • Purchase intent and recommendation likelihood of Facebook Fans vs. Twitter Followers
  • What’s the ROI of a Facebook fan?
  • Niche marketing, B2B marketing and brand building on Facebook
  • Shel Holtz’s recent interview of Brian Solis

For more on how to make a Facebook post go viral, check out this interview with Chris Brogan.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

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