Top 6 Benefits of Podcasting


This is my attempt to succinctly give you the benefits of starting a podcast.

It is intentionally short and sweet. If you want a skyscraper post, go elsewhere.

These are the benefits of podcasting from a content marketing perspective.

I created these bullets 15 years ago for a client proposal when I launched my first podcast.

They all still hold true today. And not just for consumer marketing.

These benefits of podcasts apply to B2B marketing as well.

I just gave them a fresh edit and am reposting them here so they're available to anyone looking to build the business case for a podcasting initiative:

What are the Benefits of Podcasts?

  1. Allows listeners to time-shift and place-shift media consumption
  2. More efficient since downloads are opt-in
  3. Accessible to a global audience regardless of geographic boundaries
  4. Draw a more educated, affluent, influential audience
  5. Ability to bypass the news media and go direct to listeners
  6. Most cost effective electronic media distribution channel available

My podcast got me a book deal to write Social Marketing to the Business Customer. Had I not produced it, I would never have been invited to write it.

Interestingly enough, in a recent conversation with Eric Sui of the Marketing School podcast, he said leads that come from his podcast convert quicker and spend more.

He believes this is because they feel like they know him already. I remember asking the folks at Disney why they were podcasting so early on when audiences were miniscule compared to mainstream media.

They said that we're approaching an age where consumers wil filter out the messages they don't want.

They felt like podcasting was a way to whisper into the ears of their most loyal consumers and essentially seeding the marketplace through them.

Disney understood the concept of using podcasting to motivate consumer brand ambassadorships. Here's more on my discussion with Duncan Wardle about the Disneyland podcast marketing program.

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