(NEW JERSEY/June 17, 1999) — A testimony to the fact that women’s soccer has escalated from a grassroots trend to a commercially viable business, FIFA and Women’s World Cup have brought in a leading live entertainment producer to create an elaborate opening ceremony field production including what may be the first grand-scale human animation choreography ever. “1500 girls from local schools will form four giant female soccer players on the field. Through field choreography they will actually play soccer with one another, while maintaining their shapes,” said Bob Talmage of Bob Talmage Associates who’s company was contracted to produce the event. 
To manage logistics, Bob Talmage rehearsed each giant soccer player individually at separate schools before bring all 1500 girls together for the first dress rehearsal at Giant Stadium on Wednesday, June 16. The ceremonies will cost over $500,000 and have been so tightly organized that they require no more than 28 minutes from set-up to strike. Furthermore, Bob Talmage Associates will move a large, multilevel custom stage platform complete with lighting and pyrotechnics onto the field that has been specially designed to preserve the integrity of the grass playing conditions. 

“This is the middle of Baseball season so we had to bring in the grass field on trays for the event. FIFA has very strict contest regulations. To accommodate their requirements we staged the ceremonies taking into account everything from weight tolerances and special rigging hardware to the footwear worn by the performers, stage-hands and other technicians. We’ve probably got almost 1750 people on the field at the same time, and that’s a lot of weight,” said Talmage. 

Talmage also arranged for an appearance by pop megastars ‘N Sync who will make a detour from their touring schedule to headline the ceremonies. Also performing will be teen sensations Billie and B*Witched. Name brand sponsors including Fuji, Coca-Cola and McDonalds have signed on making the 1999 FIFA Women’s World Cup what could be one of the first profitable professional women’s sporting event in the United States. 

About Bob Talmage Associates 
Most marketing executives understand that quality entertainment can be used to sell a consumer almost any product or service. And while any skilled producer can create a spectacular show, few have the ability to infuse the entertainment seamlessly with a strong corporate marketing message. Fusing the gap between entertainment and brand identity has long been the forte of live event producer, Bob Talmage who produces through his company, Bob Talmage Associates. His accomplishments introducing events, products and services to the trade and consumers for brands like Nike, Skechers and Sun Microsystems have earned him a place as a leading producer of live entertainment and corporate theater.