SEO Boot Camp

In April 2008, nearly 2.2 billion people searched for information online more than 23.3 billion times in the Asia-Pacific region.  The web commands are larger audience than conventional news media, search is among the most popular online activities, and search results shape reputations.  Through a collection of useful SEO services and SEO tools, learn to tap into this opportunity for public relations.
Learn everything you need to know to get up to speed on search engine optimization for public relations, corporate communications and marketing communications in this hands-on workshop led by renown Public Relations Society of America and U.C.L.A. instructor and new media communications consultant Eric Schwartzman, whose clients include global conglomerates such as Johnson & Johnson, Toyota, City National Bank, and many others.

Schwartzman’s SEO for PR Boot Camp is designed to give organizational communication professionals with little to no prior technical experience the strategic tools and applied knowledge they need to begin building awareness, driving traffic, generating leads and closing sales online.

What You’ll Learn:
•    The quickest, easiest way to increase your search rank on Google, Yahoo! and MSN
•    How to search engine optimize a press release
•    Differences and similarities between natural search and news search
•    How to determine most searched words and phrases in Google and Yahoo
•    Generating return-on-investment through SEO
•    Why inbound links are so important and how to secure them
•    How A.A.R.P., Trend Micro, Southwest Airlines and others are successfully SEOing press releases

Wi-Fi will be provided at the conference venue, so bring your laptop, boot-up, logon and expand your professional knowledge to start capitalizing on the single, greatest opportunity of online PR: SEO for PR.

Course Syllabus (2-day)


A. Search Engine Basics
    1. Web page indexing
    2. Determining your search engine ranking
    3. Understanding the differences between natural search and news search
    4. The latest global search volume statistics
    5. Challenges of determining demographics and psychographics of search
    6. Information out of context: Importance of didactic language
    7. Why shorter headlines work best in press release SEO
    8. Strategic SEO for PR Objectives
        a) Building awareness through search
        b) Driving inbound traffic through search
        c) Generating prospective customers through search 
        d) Closing online sales through search
        e) Enlisting constituents through search

B. Basic Elements of Search Engine Friendly Websites
    1. What is HTML, Meta Data and Tags?
    2. See examples of search engine friendly websites
    3. How to write effective browser page titles

C. Achieving Top Search Rankings through Inbound Links
    1. How treating links as recommendations formed the basis of social media
    2. How to use Google Webmaster to see who is linking to you already
    3. How to use Yahoo Site Explorer to track and measure your inbound links
    4. Not all domains were created equally: why .gov and .edu domains matter most

D. Understanding the Basics of Keywords
    1. Words vs. Phrases and which ones make sense for you
    2. How to assess the competition and avoid terms with a low probability of success
    3. The Long Tail of Search: How to interpret search volume effectively 
    4. The role of keyword density, how to measure it and why it matters
    5. Thinking like a searcher

E. Keyword Discovery: Top tools for selecting campaign and organizational keywords demoed
    1. Google Trends
    2. Trellian
    3. Word Tracker
    4. AdWords
    5. iPressroom’s Press Release SEO Wizard

F. Keyword Validation
    1. Matching keywords to strategic objectives: considering local, national, international and industry terms
    2. Gauging advertiser competition through natural search
    3. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer: SEOing against category leaders
    4. Assessing natural popularity: How to view your competitor’s Inbound links

G.   Group Discussion


H. Learn to Draft a Search Engine Optimized Press Release and Find Out:
    1. Which elements of the press release are most important to search engines?
    2. How to make a conventional pres release effectively online?
    3. How long should a search optimized press release be?
    4. What’s more important: Keyword density or readability?

I. Demonstrating a Return on Investment through Unique URLs
    1. Why some redirects help and others destroy your search rank
    2. Simple tools for generating and managing unique URLs
    3. Link bombing case studies and how they challenge organizational communicators

J. Online Posting, Reposting, News and Blog Coverage
    1. SEO Strategy: Reach the news media and the public through search
    2. Securing additional postings and inbounds through paid news wires
    3. Using blogs to extend distribution and secure inbounds
    4. Winning news media coverage with SEOed press releases
    5. Winning blog coverage through SEOed press releases
    6. Accommodating for exclusives and embargoes

K. Link Building 
    1. Overview of social bookmarking
    2. Bookmarking your press coverage and why browser page titles are key
    3. Submitting to Digg: what’s the best way to get your news considered?
    4. What is a link building campaign and how can you get one underway?
    5. Link baiting strategies revealed:
        a) Tip Feeds
        b) Glossaries
        c) Web 2.0 Challenges
     6. Leveraging Google Local
     7. Preparing a Linking Schedule
     8. Site Migration Challenges

L. How to SEO Text, Image, Audio and Video for Organizational Communications
    1. SEO for Executive Biographies
    2. SEO for Image Captions
    3. SEO for Blog Posts
    4. SEO for Fact Sheets
    5. SEO for Corporate Backgrounders
    6. SEO for Audio Downloads
    7. SEO for Online Videos
    8. SEO for News Articles
    9. SEO for Podcasts

M. Introduction to the Social Media Press Release
    1. Challenges of deconstructing news
    2. Tips for multimedia inclusion
    3. Ideas for making news social

N. How to Maintain Accurate Measurement and Prove ROI
    1. Measuring and monitoring search rank escalation over time
    2. Tracking and reporting on effectiveness of unique URLs 

O. Closing Case Studies
    1. How one organization recovered from being link bombed
    2. How Southwest Airlines drove millions in ticket sales through search
    3. How AARP supported the US Commerce Department’s Shift to Digital TV
    4. How a prominent of SEO rescues his online reputation through SEO

P.   Group Discussion

About the Instructor
New media consultant Eric Schwartzman has taught his New Media PR Boot Camp to thousands of public relations, corporate communications and marketing professionals.  He produces the monthly Meet the Media teleseminar series for the Public Relations Society of America, hosts the award-winning PR podcast On the Record.Online, has created online press rooms for organizations such Target, Whole Foods and UCLA and provides a portfolio of SEO services for PR.

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