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TARTAN TV is a fast-paced magazine format TV program that takes viewers on a half-hour journey through the rolling hills, scenic glens, medieval castles and famous links courses of Scotland celebrating Caledonian celebrities, movies, music and culture. 

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Oct. 3, 2003
Fife International - Tartan TV
Tartan TV produces a topical weekly television magazine programme all about Scotland...
Feb. 9, 2003
Scotland on Sunday - Pipes and patriotism drum home tartan TV message in the US 
HOW do you stand out from the crowd when the crowd is among the loudest, wildest concentrations of extrovert party animals on the face of the Earth?
Jan. 21, 2003
Daily Variety - NATPE's in low gear
NEW ORLEANS - Though muted and plaintive, the 40th annual NATPE confab kicked off Monday to the tune of bagpipes and dulcimers, courtesy of a tiny promo-savvy Scottish producer called Tartan TV...
Jan. 20, 2003
“TARTAN TV” has been selected by the National Association of Television Programming Executives 40th Annual Conference and Exhibition to inaugurate this year’s marketplace, which opens Monday, Jan. 20th at 2:00 pm. 
Jan. 20, 2003
TARTAN TV - Photo Gallery
Jan. 20, 2003 - View photos from TARTAN TV's NATPE 2003 Inaugural Ceremony 
Fiona Kennedy, on-air host, TARTAN TV - Bio
Read about TARTAN TV's on-air host Fiona Kennedy. 
Read about TARTAN TV episodes 1 thru 15 to get an idea of the TV magazine program's half-hour format. TARTAN TV is currently has 52 episodes ready for broadcast.