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Stross Overlooks Ad-Supported Podcasts

According to Randall Stross, who writes the Digital Domain column in today’s New York Times (which is usually penned by James Fallows), “‘ad-supported podcasting,’ would take it into terra incognita, where the discordant sound of the first commercial is heard.”

I’m not sure what rock the New York Times has been hiding under, but had Stross or their editors actually downloaded and listened to a few popular podcasts, he would have seen that ad-supported podcasting is alive and well.

The Chris Pirillo Show is sponsored by Microsoft Windows, which runs ads in each program, Digital Masters (which I host) is sponsored by Ecast, and On the Record…Online (which I also host) is sponsored by iPressroom.

The way we help our clients measure audience size is by requiring registration for listeners to gain access to the RSS news feeds, or the page where you can listen online. But readers of this blog post who want to subscribe to either of these podcasts can get the links below without registering.

Digital Masters Podcast: Where experts discuss how technology is changing the business of media.

Past Guests

• Chris Scott, Sr. Director of New Business Development and Advertising Sales, Ecast
• John Costello, EVP, Home Depot
• Taddy Hall, Chief Strategy Officer, Advertising Reach Foundation
• Pete Blackshaw, CMO, Intelliseek
• Mike Shields, Senior Reporter, MediaWeek
• Carolyn Tang, Orbitz.com
• Peter Figueredo, CEO, NetExponent
• Dr. Jeffrey I. Cole, Director, Center for the Digital Future, Annenberg, USC
• Rebecca Lieb, Executive Editor, ClickZ Network
• Dr. Roger D. Blackwell, Professor of Marketing, Ohio State University
• Mitch Oscar, EVP, Carat Digital
• Kris Oser, Reporter, Advertising Age
• Elizabeth Cholawski, Vice President, Marketing, Commission Junction
• Jeff Lanctot, Vice President, Avenue A / Razorfish
• Jay Weintraub, Revenue.net

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On the Record…Online Podcast: Where top reporters and newsmakers go on the record about how the Internet impacts their perception of the news.

Past Guests

  • San Jose Mercury News Managing Editor David Satterfield
  • Wall Street Journal Technology Reporter Nick Wingfield
  • Time Magazine Bureau Chief Chris Taylor
  • Wired Magazine Senior Editor Jeffrey O’Brien
  • Page Six Editor Richard Johnson
  • USA Today Reporter Elizabeth Weise
  • Newsweek reporter Brad Stone
  • NY Times Reporter John Markoff (coming soon)
  • and many others

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