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How to Get Yourself, Your Company or Your Clients Featured in Up to 13,000 Podcasts

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It kind of blows my mind more people aren’t talking about this because it didn’t get much attention last week when it was announced.

But a company not many people know, at a trade show not many people attend, introduced a way to keep tabs on 13,000 podcasts in seven languages without having to listen to a single one.

That’s 1,500 hours of programming a day!

You couldn’t listen to all that even if you wanted to, which means there was no way to assess who was talking about what, or figure out who you should approach to try and book yourself or someone else as a guest on a podcast.

Those days are over.

For the first time, you can keyword search podcasts and easily find out who’s talking about what.

So on PR Tech Secrets next Wednesday at 12pm PT, I’m hosting a live webcast with David Ives, CEO of TV Eyes. We’ll also talk about podcast monitoring, audiences — which tend to include early adopters of tech products — and fair use laws regulating how you can use electronic media clips.

David’s company just released the first podcast media monitoring service and they’re amassing a searchable spoken word index of everything said on every show, every day.

It’s a huge opportunity for growth hackers and PR pros because podcasts have exploded into the mainstream. So sign up here to attend live or get an email with a link to the replay.

There are tons of shows catering to niche audiences, but up until now, there had been no practical way to figure out who was talking about what, so you couldn’t target the right podcasts you should be talking to and through.

If you’re not a listener, to give a sense of just how mainstream podcasts have become, a third of Millennials listen to five or more podcasts a week and67% of Gen Zers plan to listen to more podcasts next year,” according to new research from the Adobe Analytics team.

As the format continues its growth trajectory, now is the time to establish strong relationships with show runners and guest booking contacts, who no doubt will soon be overwhelmed with guest pitches.

What’s cool about the news, is if you’re looking for an easy way to ahead of the curve, there’s a practical solution. As hockey legend Wayne Gretsky famously said, “Skate to where the puck is going, not where it has been.”

“Streaming was to Netflix as podcasting is to Spotify,” said Barry McCarthy, Spotify CFO on their earnings call last week. The company will spend $400 million to $500 million in podcast acquisitions in 2019.

It wasn’t until Netflix became primarily a streaming business that they really took off. Before that, they mailed DVDs. McCarthy told investors on an earnings call last week that podcasting will have a similar impact on Spotify, which makes investing in the future of podcasting a good bet.

I’ll also talk to David about monitoring TV, radio and other emerging electronic media formats, as well as replacing Boolean search with artificial intelligence.

So get your questions together and join me next Wednesday at 12pm PT for a live discussion with one of the most knowledgable electronic news media monitoring experts on the world.

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