International Keynote Speaker

Best selling author Eric Schwartzman is an international keynote speaker who talks about digital transformation, disruptive technology and leveraged growth. 

He delivers highly relevant, custom presentations for a variety of audiences. 

Eric has delivered keynote presentations and break out sessions at SXSW, CES, NAB, CTAM, The Licensing Show, The US Dept. of State, The Pentagon, UCLA, Executive Software Council and Brandworks and for clients including Boeing, Toyota, Johnson & Johnson, Entrust, Environmental Defense Fund and many others.


What People Say About Eric's Keynotes

"Eric flew into Greece and left a wake of very happy audiences behind when he left. We had many colleagues from other Embassies across Europe who said they wished they could have had the whole day with him. That is how useful and enjoyable his presentation was." 

Jodi BreislerForeign Service Officer at the US Dept. of State


"While it is easy to discern through Eric's presentations that he is indeed an expert in this field, what is resoundingly refreshing is that he is also an exceptional public speaker. He is entertaining yet effective in 'leading us to water,' however, as the true professional he is, the ultimate conclusions are left to us to determine." 

Danny ChungChief of Staff, Microsoft


"Eric hosted a seminar for LIMA at our annual trade show as part of Licensing University (tm). It was by far the most highly-rated session. He was engaging, informative and provided case studies that are relevant to our industry. I highly recommend him as a conference speaker!" 

Jennifer ColemanSenior Vice President Marketing, International Licensing Show.




Digital Marketing to the Business Customer


The difference between traditional and digital B2B marketing is kind of like the difference between cash and credit.  Digital purchases are automatically recorded, which makes them discoverable and searchable after the fact. When that information is available online it gets found by prospects you didn’t even know needed it in the first place. Here the latest trends, best practices and case studies from Eric Schwartzman, best selling author of the first book on B2B Digital Marketing.

For: B2B Executives, Marketing, Sales and Communications Professionals


Scaling Digital Employee Ambassadors Programs


In the digital world, different cultures and generations don’t perceive issues like intellectual property, transparency, privacy, security or even ethics the same way. As a result, organizations have no practical way to manage the risk of an employee who’s not an official spokespeople posting something online that damages the company’s reputation, leads to lost sales or lowered perceived value of that company’s brand. Minimize reckless conduct without discouraging employees from becoming loyal brand advocates online.

For: Marketing, Communication and Human Resources Professionals


Driving B2B Growth through Alignment Strategy


Buyers want a seamless customer experience, but most B2Bs measure their sales, marketing and service efforts against different metrics. If you want to provide a seamless customer experience, you have to eliminate the seams between the different departments in your org chart and deliver a unified customer experience. Learn the art and science behind how sales, marketing and customer support departments are aligning against common KPIs to drive revenue growth from Eric Schwartzman, who ran revenue operations at $1B B2B. 

For: B2B Business, Sales, Marketing and Service Leaders

Social Media Under Fire


The most important objective of armed struggle is life. It’s not about killing others, though that does happen.  It’s about staying alive. If you stay alive, you get to go home, love and be loved. But if you die, game over. Eric Schwartzman, special digital communications advisor to the United States Marine Corp, NORAD and US Pacific Command discusses the use of digital media in theaters of combat. 

For:    Armed Services Members, Law Enforcement and Public Affairs Professionals


Climate Change Communications Strategy


When scientific evidence challenges the world views of an affinity group, those opposed to taking regulatory or legislative – on the basis of their beliefs -- pose doubt, and those with higher science comprehension are increasingly divided in their beliefs. Based on research that equates the monetary value of the slave trade to the monetary value of the fossil fuel harvesting and processing industries, the precedent for ending our fossil feul dependance is abolitionism. Join Eric Schwartzman, who served as special climate change communications counselor to Secretary John Kerry at the US Dept. of State, for a revelatory discussion about science communications.

For:    Policy Makers, Climate Change Advocates, Science Communicators and Public Affairs Professionals


How the US Department of Defense Got Social


The US Dept. of Defense had fallen behind Al Qaeda in message penetration. Terrorists were beheading civilians on YouTube and out-maneuvering DoD;s conventional media relations program. Hear from one of the authors of USMC Social Media Policy how command convinced the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs at the world’s most risk averse organization to relax restrictions and modernize their communications practices to win trust and confidence in Iraq, hearts and minds at home and compete effectively in a 24/7 online media environment. 

For: Change Management Professionals, Veteran Associations and Military Audiences