Social Media Trends of 2011 mit Urs Gattiker von ComMetrics


In preparation for my German-American Social Media Boot Camp 14-15 December 2010 in Frankfurt, I spoke to security and risk technologist, author and blogger Urs E. Gattiker (@commetrics) in Zurich, Switzerland about his expectations of what will the top social media trends of 2011.

We also talked about cloud computing service failures, the impact of the mobile internet on education and learning, the Beatles catalog release on iTunes, Sean Parker‘s data portability predictions, Le Web 2010, The Streisand Effect, Coke’s New Social Media Marketing Program and SAP’s B2B social network managed by Mark Yoltan and Social Media Week 2011.

Urs is the inventor of the ComMetrics benchmark battery of tools. One of these, the FT/ComMetrics corporate blog index empowers the FT Global 500 companies to compare the value of their blogging activities against to that target information security prevention and safety, with other enterprises.

Photo by Jaap Stronks

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