STUDY: Social Media in Latin America and Caribbean Private Sector

Research on Social Media Usage Patterns by Businesses in South America and the Caribbean

If you’re curious if and how the Latin America and the Caribbean private sector uses social media, this post is for you.

My firm just completed a comprehensive study for the IDB Group on private sector discussions on social media among local companies, financial markets, multilatinas and peer multilaterals in Latin America and the Caribbean.[1]

This post features a summary of our findings.  Let’s get into to the data.

Latin American Businesses are Social

Latin American Internet users are more engaged on social media than US users, according to comScore.  Half of the 10 countries with the most hours spent on social networks per month are Latin American, namely Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru.

The most popular social networking brand in Latin America is Facebook, hosting  21 million more Latin America profiles than US profiles.  In 2010, 45% of Latin American companies were active on at least one social media platform. By 2012, that number rose to...