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Sitrick to Dodgers: Bad Customer Service is Bad PR

LA Times:

“The Sitrick team uncovered several communications lapses. Among them, according to Mayer: The marketing department would unveil an initiative to attract ticket buyers, but employees selling tickets would be unaware of it. The Dodgers significantly raised prices on their best seats, but without the context of showing how those prices remained competitive with those of teams in other major markets.

And, amid office renovations that disrupted stadium phone lines, significant numbers of season-ticket holders — the Dodgers’ best customers — complained that messages were not returned, if calls got through at all.

“There is nothing more disrespectful than to ignore someone, particularly when you want their loyalty,” Mayer said.

Said McCourt: “I return my phone calls. I take great pride in that. Everybody here, I can assure you, will be returning their phone calls. When a fan calls me, I’ll happily return his call. I want to know what they’re thinking and take care of whatever it is.”

Here’s a link to the messaging points Sitrick created for the Dodgers.

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