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Welcome to Shanda Sawyer's virtual pressroom, with all the latest news and information on Sawyer's professional achievements in the world of entertainment.

Read the PRESS MATERIALS to learn more about Sawyer's latest project the 136th Edition of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus

Director and writer of the 136th Edition of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, Shanda Sawyer was charged with re-imagining The Greatest Show On Earth and presenting the Circus in an entirely new format.

The new edition is a bold, contemporary circus production that introduces the biggest changes The Greatest Show On Earth® has seen in 50 years. The no-ring, storyline-driven circus began a two-year, 80 city North American tour in Tampa, FL on January 4, 2006.

Talent Representation: McDonald Selznick Associates

In the News
August 16, 2006
San Jose Mercury News - Three-ring revisions
"...To help them revitalize the circus extravaganza, the show's producers turned last year to Bay Area native Shanda Sawyer, a stage veteran who has choreographed and directed works for various television shows, including the Academy Awards, commercials (Pepsi) and movies (``A Chorus Line: the Movie'')..." 
August 13, 2006
San Francisco Chronicle - Ringing Success
"...I've been asked, what's it like to go down to just a one-ring circus, but I don't look at it that way," says Shanda Sawyer, the San Francisco native chosen to reinvent the 136th edition of Ringling Bros., which makes its way to the Oakland Arena on Thursday. "I think of it more like we're coming up from the confines of three rings..." 
June 2, 2006
The Wall Street Journal - Behind the Scenes: Shanda Sawyer, Director, Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus (subscription required)
"When Feld Entertainment, which produces the circus, went looking for a new director, they 'wanted to look for a director who had never worked in the circus industry, who could bring a different sensibility to it,' says Nicole Feld, a producer of this edition of the circus. Ms. Feld approached choreographer and director Shanda Sawyer, who had worked on television projects such as "Extreme Makeover," music videos and the choreography for such films as "A Chorus Line." 
March 29, 2006
New York Times Circus Review (subscription required)
"...this circus - produced by Kenneth Feld and Nicole Feld, his daughter, and directed and written by Shanda Sawyer - has stepped back from hyped-up techno fantasies, from the aesthetic ambitions of competitors and from the traditions of this particular company, which once made its reputation by piling spectacle upon spectacle in multiple rings of risk and display..." 
Feb. 16, 2006
"...director Shanda Sawyer's goal "is to take families on a magical circus journey. Our production will push the boundaries of audience imagination like never before, and have everyone participating in the action from start to finish..." 
January 24, 2006
Associated Press - Ringling Bros. gets a makeover
...the idea of weaving a story that linked all the acts came from director Shanda Sawyer. Her credits include designing and directing segments for "Motown Live," "The Man Show" and "Comedy Central's Sunday Comics..." 
Dec. 22, 2002
Daily News - HEY, COWBOY (subscription required)
One of the more amusing unscripted shows around these days is producer Shanda Sawyer's ``Who Needs Hollywood?'' on Oxygen. 
Dec. 22, 2002
Houston Chronicle - 'Hollywood' yields some cowboy fun 
Executive producers Shanda Sawyer and Katie Puckrik (she's the cute, on-camera talent scout) have already taken on the likes of Dirty Dancing wannabes in the New York Catskills and backwoods bachelors in Alaska. 
Nov. 27, 2002
United Feature Syndicate - TUNE IN TONIGHT
The offbeat series "Who Needs Hollywood?" (8 p.m., Oxygen) travels to small towns all over America.
Nov. 20, 2002
The New York Times - Forget the Sex and Violence; Shame Is the Ratings Leader
"...a charming comedy-reality show, "Who Needs Hollywood?," directed by Shanda Sawyer, that will debut on the Oxygen cable channel on Nov. 27...." 
August 21, 2002
Hollywood Reporter
The road to Darien, Ga., may be long, but once there, you'll find its residents are quirky, funny, receptive and talented. Or so it seems from the evidence brought back by a "Who Needs Hollywood?" crew, which captured the town's essence.
August 22, 2002
Time Out New York
Who Needs Hollywood? follows host Katie Puckrik and her campy companion, choreographer Marvin Thornton, into Darien, Georgia, where they cast, write and perform a local talent show in 72 hours.