SEO Russell Wright Teaches Keyword Theming


September 5, 2008 – Every public relations consultant needs should take a basic SEO training course.

Russell Wright is the co-founder of ThemeZoom, an online marketing intelligence platform that takes a radical approach to search engine optimization consulting.

Wright, better known as “the keyword guy,” is a search engine optimization auditor and is known as an expert in finding profitable keywords.  

Show Notes:   

3:07 – Wright gives tips on how to conduct SEO services with little to no budget.   

3:37 – Wright recommends free tools to monitor web traffic for beginners.   

4:28 – Wright reveals the most valuable information Google Analytics provides.   

5:42 – Wright on the possible vulnerabilities of Google and the new engine Cuil.   

16:47 – Wright on the social keywords versus business keywords.  

24:44 – Wright’s guidelines for using social media sites for business applications.  

25:39 – Wright talks about using keywords in URLs versus using Tinyurls.  

34:09 – Wright on the profitability of online content.  

35:09 – Wright on Google Connect and how that will affect the future of SEO services.  

37:14 – Wright on the affects of Google’s recent release of the social graph API.  

41:42 – Wright on the future of local mobile search.  

43:27 – Wright on the conversion of social networking and mobile networking for business owners.  

44:41 – Wright on social search and algorithmic search.  

52:59 – End

Photo by Benjamin Dada on Unsplash