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Salon Says Beware the Halliblogs

NY Times: What’s Online:

In Salon, Zachary Roth wonders whether corporations will be able to skirt the intent of campaign-finance laws by financing political Web logs. His article, “Beware of the ‘Halli-bloggers,’ ” warns that if blogs get the same legal protections as traditional media outfits, then companies like Halliburton – the default reference for anyone complaining about cozy ties between business and government – could end up sponsoring blogs to promote their interests…


What Roth misses is that the social antibodies that police the blogosphere stand ready to neutralize, or counterbalance, just about any point of view by way of contrary opinions connected through a network of hyperlinks, key words and phrases that make up an online conversation.

Unlike the MSM, online conversations are easy to flow at your own pace with a simple mouse click. Finding and appreciating disparate points of view is far more challenging in the mainstream press then in the blogosphere, where penchants are transparent and perspectives are not easily masked as “objective” coverage.

Or, in the words of another…”Sunlight is the best disinfectant,” US Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis.

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