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Rethinking the value of breaking news…

I TiVOed the Australian Open mens finals and as is always the case when you TiVO a sporting event, I began all my conversations with friends and family today, “Don’t tell me who won the Australian Open.” My aunt Andrea said sometimes she’ll TiVO a sports event and then get disappointed when the radio announcer spoils it for her when she’s driving home fom work. If we continue to move towards a world where use to technology to filter and edit our news, then live broadcasts create problems. In this scenario, breaking news is less valuable. I’m glad you know who won the match Mr. Newscaster but do me a favor and keep your trap shut. I’m still waiting to watch the match on my time. Not during ESPNs broadcast window and not during your one minute news break. And why should a press release be any different? Journalists want the news when they want it, not when the PR people release it. Why run a press release on some PR newswire when they only distribute it for 30 days? Why buy a news distribution circuit that goes dark when you can have a newsfeeds all your own that’s live 24/7?

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