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How to Stay Current on the Latest PR Tech Trends

PR Tech Webinar with Eric Schwartzman

How would it feel if your skills became obsolete because you didn’t keep yourself up to date on the latest technology advancements impacting your trade?

Don’t let it happen to you!

Sign up for the new weekly PR Tech Webinar series and see thought leaders and newsmakers share the latest developments in PR Tech.

With computing power doubling every 18-months, technology continues to advance at a break neck pace.

If we don’t stay up to date, we could find ourselves replaced by automation. Yet keeping up to date on PR Tech specifically, is exceedingly difficult.

Sixty-two percent of communications experts believe we’re approaching an age where you won’t be able to distinguish between:

  • Content written by a reporter
  • Paid for by a brand.
  • Or shared by an influencer.

How will you adapt to this brave new world, where popularity is credibility?

We all need a way to stay current on PR Tech trends so we don’t waste time on manual tasks that could be automated, or worse yet bleed productivity trying to implement clunky tech that just isn’t ready for prime time.

PR Tech platforms are adding features, media monitoring services are using artificial intelligence to improve the signal to noise ratio and there are even direct to customer services that bypass traditional public relations altogether.

The main reason people hire PR is to get their products and services in the news. And the main reason people keep paying for PR is to keep their products and services in the news.

So PR people need tools and services that can help them get and keep their companies and clients in the news.

But there are many providers to choose from.

How do you spare yourself the agony of adopting tools that take a ton of time to learn how to use and at the end of the day, don’t work the way you want them to?

There’s not even a place you can go to see everything that’s out there.

So starting next Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 from 12-1pm PT, I’m introducing a weekly webinar series called PR TECH SECRETS.

It’ll be one-on-one interviews with experts, thought leaders, newsmakers and journalists about the latest developments in PR technology, strategic communications and content marketing.

There’s no cost, but attendance is capped so sign up now if you’re interested.

You can join from desktop or mobile and stay up to date on the fast moving PR Tech space from you office, the gym or your lunch break (if you’re a US west coaster like me).

I’m seeing compelling new PR Tech offerings pop up regularly theses days but there are so few good opportunities to check them out these days,

If you don’t fit their ideal customer profile, you get ignored, and even if you do, more often than not you get hard sold by a sales pup who lacks deep technical, business, and industry knowledge.

Leave it to me to bring you the sharpest PR Tech minds once a week to tell you what’s really working, and what’s not.

I’ll bring in senior subject matter experts with valuable product knowledge, so you can evaluate their offerings before you invest precious time and energy testing it out on a supposedly “free” trial.

There’s nothing free about investing 20 hours of your week in new product, only to learn it’s so unusable, the negative outweighs the positive. But how do you know that if your only point of contact is a junior sales person with less than two years experience?

That’s where PR TECH SECRETS can help.

Give me one hour a week and I’ll give you the insight you need to make strategic use of PR Tech.

PR Tech Wednesdays picks up where On the Record…Online left off.

My mission is to accelerate your digital literacy around the latest technology offerings, provide vendors without an opportunity to leverage their subject matter expertise against a broad audience of industry stakeholders.

PR TECH SECRETS focuses on:

  • How to use technology to measure the business impact of your efforts.
  • How to maintain trust and confidence during a crisis so angry customers don’t damage your reputation and derail your plans.
  • Staying up to date on the latest technologies like artificial intelligence (which is already capable of generating human-quality text) so your profession doesn’t pass you by.
  • Learn about new areas like customer experience optimization, where discrete communication is built into every step of the customer journey.
  • How to leverage technology platforms to convert nonbelievers into loyal followers at scale.
  • How growth stacks and revenue operations are holding marketers accountable to the bottom line, and how it will impact corporate communications and PR, particularly for niche B2Bs.
  • How to pick the right PR Tech so you can achieve measurable results with fewer resources and stop wasting time using clunky solutions.
  • And much, much more.

Without the right PR Technology in place, you can’t measure. And if you can’t measure, you can’t optimize.

Podcast guests included Walt Mossberg, John Markoff, David Carr, Josh Bernoff, Leo LaPorte, Robert Scoble, Ken Auletta, Harold Burson, Al Golin, Steve Rubel, Lee Odden and many other.

Expect the same level of guests and deep, intellectually curios discussions.

If this is true, it’s unlikely we’ll be able to differentiate between information written by a human vs. a machine.

Sign up here and starting next Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2019 let’s join up at 12pm PT to see where things headed.

I’ll send you an email with all the details.

About Me

I’ve been in PR Tech for 20 years. And I was a public relations person for 10 years before that. I’ve written a best seller on the subject. And I taught PR Tech courses for PRSA for nearly a decade as well.

I know almost everyone in the PR Tech business personally. So I’m a good person to lead the charge on this one. I’ll do my best to zero in on what you really want to know, and invite you to help me ask the right questions too.

Here’s my credentials:

I hope you’ll join me next week for the very first PR Tech Secrets.

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