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Pros and Cons of Photoblogs; Potential Uses for Business Communicators…and Families

According to a story today’s New York Times Circuits Section:

“Among the most interesting photoblogs to peruse are group oriented, where many people post pictures, all of them around a central theme. You will find abandoned bicycles, subway scenes, pets. Group sites celebrate the ordinary, the mundane, the ephemeral, things that everyone can understand.”

While this may be true of photoblogs that are most interesting to most people, the claim overlooks the fact that for families photoblogs are replacing photo albums, and grandparents definitely find pictures of their grandchildren more interesting than anything else.

By setting up a photoblog, posting frequent pictures with Flickr, and integrating a Bloglet, the entire family can subscribe and get automatic email updates every time a new image is posted.

Pros of photoblogging:

  • Automated electronic photo distribution
  • Eliminates emailing photos
  • Replaces photo albums, that take up space
  • Let’s a disparate audience opt-in to see recent developments
  • Is easy to use and manage

Cons of photoblogging:

  • If the company hosting your photoblog goes belly up, you loose your photos
  • If you post an ugly photo of someone, they get upset
  • If you use last names, you forfeit your privacy

In addition to family photo albums, over potentially interesting uses might include:

  • Product development photoblogs
  • Behind the scenes photoblogs
  • Casting photoblogs
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